Sun 12 Jun 2022

Personalised wedding favour gift boxes

In the age of Pinterest, wedding favours become more and more well thought-out every year and let us be honest, aside from your love, one of the most memorable takeaways for your wedding guests is their wedding favour.

Wedding favours traditionally have consisted of edible items like sweets, but why not offer your guests something they can keep forever?

Wedding favour gift boxes are so much fun to unwrap and to bring home as a momentum of the big day, so get creative with a personalised gift box that can keep their keepsake safe!

Our role is to help you create a personalised gift box to bring flair to your wedding favours, but it’s up to you to decide what to put in it! Here are some of our favourite ideas from inspiration we’ve seen:

  • Show your love with a mixtape! Wedding guests can keep partying long after the reception and will remember your first dance for years to come if you share your wedding playlist with them. You could even create a Spotify code to be printed directly onto the gift box for guests who are tech-savvy!
packaging with spotify code


  • Seed packets: your wedding guests can watch your love blossom after they plant the seeds! Or, opt for mini succulents if your guests aren’t as green-thumbed as yourself.
  • A hangover kit might be handy for those of you throwing a boozy reception! Include some Alka Seltzer, a face mask, some crisps or whatever your go-to hangover remedy is.
  • Photobooth props for guests to get insta-ready for your wedding hashtag.
  • Tealight holders or decorations for those of you with a sentimental side.
  • Busy bags to keep little ones entertained on the evening! Bubble wands are always fun.
gift bag
  • Temporary tattoos with your wedding hashtag for all the punk brides out there.
  • [Insert any item that can be accompanied by a wedding- or love-themed pun. We love a good pun.]
  • Flip flops for those tired feet, these are perfect to have on hand (or foot?) when your guests wish to forgo their beautiful shoes and hit the dancefloor.
  • Getting married in a hot country? Small sun lotion bottles are adorable and useful, and you can jazz them up with a label of your choice. Additionally, you can attach a clip to them to guarantee that your guests won’t lose them.

Whatever you choose as your wedding favour, we can create a bespoke gift box to present it in. Our packaging options are entirely bespoke – yet affordable – and can come in whatever size, colour, design or shape you desire – here are some tips and tricks on how to design your gift boxes…

  • Are you a tech geek? Why not add a QR code leading to information about your big day or interactive features such as your wedding playlist on Spotify?
  • You’ve undoubtedly spent months, if not years, curating the perfect colour scheme for your big day. Use this to inspire your packaging – god forbid your gift boxes CLASH!
  • We’re all guilty of leaving wedding favours behind, but you can limit this by making the user experience flawless. If your box is hard to carry, why not add a gift bag? Breakable gifts? Make sure they are secure with custom inserts.
  • Your big day is meant to be the most special day of your life, so don’t cut corners. Why not add some bougie branded ribbon or branded tissue paper with your initials or names to really complete the look?

Don’t get cold feet, simply email with your ideas or try out our online box designer tool to find out what we can offer.

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