Thu 19 Sep 2019

We reveal the packaging that matches your zodiac sign

If you were a box, what would you look like? Psychics from Packaging Works divulge what your star sign looks like in packaging form…


Independent, driven, and smart, Aries packaging is always on hand to offer a compliment or to share what’s on their mind – even if it may come across as rude. Aries are sweet and lovable but often have a short fuze – possibly due to their competitive nature. Their main goal is to to evenly balance each aspect of their life.

custom boxes for tea


Hard-working Taurus packaging make the most charming of friends. They value drama-free relationships and honesty. This cerealsy opinionated star sign is also very passionate and enjoys getting physical.

influencer package



The Twins of Gemini can have two different sides that they show to the world. Clever, energetic and optimistic, Gemini packaging is entertaining and easy to get along with.



Water-sign cancer, the crab, is intuitive, loyal and emotional. They may seem difficult to approach, but once they warm to you, they’re a friend for life. This sign is ruled by the moon and often considered psychic.

gin packaging



Bold and fierce Leos are natural leaders. Their pride and intelligence makes them hardworking and independent. They just can’t get enough social interaction and easily make friends.


Passionate yet practical Virgos like to see the big picture in life and make a plan. This analytical sign is hardworking and sophisticated. Their kind souls often come across as shy but they’ll open up to you once you’ve gained their trust.


Imaginative Libras enjoy a life that is visually appealing. This air sign is social and enjoys large groups, and is always willing to put others before themselves due to their empathy. Harmony and chasing big dreams are valued by Libras.



Authentic, bold and passionate Scorpio packaging likes to blaze its own trail. This sign loves to make a statement and enjoys a debate, often intimidating others. Scorpios are very in-tune with their feelings and are led by emotion.


bespoke branded boxes


Big-spirited Sagittarius is truthful, strong-willed and dramatic. This adventurous fire-sign isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path and will always tell it to you straight. This trustworthy sign is generous yet independent.

whiskey packaging


Hardworking, controlling Capricorns don’t enjoy thinking outside the box: they like structure, rules and a tight schedule. This makes them one of the most organised and successful signs. They value family and presentation.


Their unique characteristics mean that all Aquarius are quite different. Justice, optimism and improving the world are important to them. This sign doesn’t like to be labelled and believes in accepting change.

cologne packaging



Creative and emotional Pisces are a very intuitive water sign. Their intelligence, imagination, and artistic traits make them successful and good at judging people and situations.

round packaging


What do you think? Does your star sign match the packaging? Let us know on Instagram!

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