Mon 18 Feb 2019

Creating packaging to make your influencer gift boxes go viral

It’s no secret that social media influences purchasing decisions, and celebrity endorsement has become a major deal-breaker with social media influencers running the show!

Getting your brand promoted in an unboxing video is one of the best ways to gain exposure without massive overheads – but you need to carefully plan out how your outreach and unboxing experience will work.

That’s why you need to think about the gift box itself when it comes to creating influencer outreach kits. Sending a shabby gift box to an influencer who’s about to review your brand isn’t going to help you out!

High-quality, cleverly designed,  custom packaging increases the chance that your brand will feature in social media posts… And perhaps you’ll even be featured in multiple posts. Picture this: a post documenting the unboxing experience, then revealing the product(s) inside, and then their reaction after sampling or using your product! Gold.

Here are some outreach ideas for creating effective and attractive influencers gift boxes:

Product placement

You can control the unboxing experience when sending influencer kits made by our expert team – and you should. The process of unveiling the products can lead to either an enthusiastic or disappointed influencer, so the product placement must be thought through.

Creating an experience by designing anticipation (not frustration!) into the opening stage will enable the unboxing process to be a journey, not a hurdle.

Make sure the outreach package is easy to open, carefully laid out and that the order of the content makes sense AND exceeds expectation. The rule of thumb is that the ‘hero product’ in the influencer gift should be unboxed second to last. The last? A thank you note or symbol of appreciation to ensure the influencer feels valued.

The coolest packaging I’ve ever seen! The new @garnieruk #MicellaWater super gentle on the skin, removing makeup + cleanses + hydrates…. it even comes with Lucky Charms! Full feedback on my stories this evening. Exclusively available from @bootsuk #BootsUk #Garnier #AD #MilkingIt

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Messaging on influencer gift boxes

Make sure your custom packaging includes hashtags, campaign keywords and concise messaging to ensure that the influencers use campaign-specific language.

Make the messaging authentic yet personal and keep it on-brand.

influencer packaging

Out-of-the-box experiences

Integrating your packaging with a digital experience can take your influencer outreach to the next level! There are plenty of ways to get creative and make unboxing the gift box an experience of its own.

For example, one of our clients included a code on their boxes that, when scanned, led to a Spotify playlist that the box-opener could enjoy while unwrapping the gift inside!

Incorporate QR codes on your packaging that lead to a special landing page, playlist, how-to guide, recipe, invitation or whatever else could enhance your product!

influencer kit packaging

Photogenic packaging

Influencers’ social media posts are precious – not only to you, but to them. The staging needs to be perfect, and if your influencer gift box isn’t picture perfect, it’s not going to make the cut.

The loveliest little goodie box from @superdrug 💖 lots of samples of products from their new health range! My favourite foot socks (perfect for relaxing after work), vitamin tablets, beauty vitamin tablets, hair growth gummies, protein bars and protein hot chocolate 🍫 can’t wait to give them a try – thank you @superdrug ❤️✨ #superdrug #gifted #ad

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Reusable gift boxes

You’re investing in these influencers, so invest in creating bespoke packaging that adds value.

Packaging that is reusable is packaging that is memorable. Many people will keep attractive gift boxes for files or trinkets, and if that attractive box is yours, it’s going to be a constant reminder of how generous you are!

Keep it exclusive – but make a goal about impact

Are you targeting micro-influencers? Depending on whether you’re going nationally or globally, you’ll need to decide on a quantity of gift boxes that will gain the impact you want without breaking the bank. They also need to feel as though your campaign is exclusive, and that you’ve picked them for a reason.

If you’re including PR influencers, you’ll need to increase numbers, but if it’s big-time celebs, keep it small!


Have some questions about creating the perfect influencer gift box? Get in touch with our experienced team of packaging specialists!

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