Wed 25 Sep 2019

Packaging horror stories: beware packaging fails this Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner (boo!) so we thought we’d give you a little fright with some of the best packaging fails from around the interwebs! ?️

It’s late in the afternoon on a blustery autumn day. You’re home alone, baking a cake for your friend’s birthday party later. A sharp rap at the door startles you, and a ring of the doorbell makes you jump so hard that you spill the flour. ‘Who could that be? The party doesn’t start for hours.’

Brushing off your apron, you slowly creep toward the door. You spy through the peekhole and can’t believe your eyes. Your heart starts racing…

It’s a parcel delivery! Thrilled, you frantically open the door, sign for the package and rush inside. Little do you know…

As you start tearing apart the massive, bleak-looking cardboard box, you realise what’s actually inside… An item that would fit in an envelope. And it’s wrapped in plastic! ? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okay, so that’s not a very original horror story, but it’s still one of our packaging nightmares. Raise your hand if you’ve ever received excessive packaging from Amazon… ?‍♂️

Obviously, our biggest fear is excess packaging, plastic packaging and non-recyclable packaging.

But what else could go wrong?


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Oh! Dear. Ha, this always makes me wonder what the person in charge of packaging and design was thinking. It’s been a while since I posted, sincere apologies, I’m sure you missed me. I’ve been busy working and reading. #beenawhile #boysyrup #syrup #alwaysdoublecheck #proofreadingisimportant #proofreader #proofediting #proofreadingfail #proofread #proofreadingservices #proofreading #proofreaders #proofreadingmatters #packagingfail #ohboy #ohdear #doublecheck

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Syrup made of boys, the horror! That punctuation, oh no!

If you’re in need of bespoke branded packaging, the expert team at Packaging Works will make sure your packaging is proofread before it hits the shelves.*

*Unless you’re selling syrup made of boys. Then we can’t help.

 Horrific packaging styles

Are you looking forward to a day when you can stop struggling with those stubborn plastic packages?

No need to worry: simply buy from brands who have committed to using only sustainable, recyclable materials in their eco-friendly packaging.

Product placement in packaging

Imagine the sinking fear you’d feel if you found out that your brand’s packaging made consumers uncomfortable!


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Let’s chat about packaging. Because I don’t know if this should make me ??? or ??? I adore my packaging. Whitewash. Branded USB’s. Gorgeous tea light candles. Shredded paper. Thank you cards. A little gift from me to you. I took this picture at my local $2 store…and is the epitome as to WHY packaging and presentation is EVERYTHING. (PS. I laughed my ASS off ?) . . . . . #packagingmatters #melbourne #? #dontbecheap #paytheextra #gotheextramile #brandingfails #packagingfails #stahpit

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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to be laughed at for creating packaging that resembles an unfortunate innuendo. Right?



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Got to love a subtle penis joke….. well played #rightwayltd #diy #homeimprovements #screw #penis #packaging #packagingfail

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Well, maybe some brands who DIY packaging might be in on the joke…

Anyways, time for our token pitch: Packaging Works specialises in creating bespoke branded packaging that will never frighten your customers – at least in terms of packaging fails.

We aim to deliver your bespoke branded packaging so you still have time to order new packaging in time for Halloween… If you dare!


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