Wed 12 Jun 2019

Round up: sleek examples of minimalist packaging design

We love bold packaging design that strikes a chord with consumers – and we love it when a distinctive minimalist design does the trick! Here’s some ideas for capturing attention with minimalist packaging design.

Branded packaging doesn’t need to be complex, especially when using our online box designer tool that almost does the work for you. Toss aside those brown cardboard boxes and start wowing customers with a custom branded box that will add that extra bit of luxury to your brand.

Add a pop of colour to make minimalist packaging stand out

branded custom packaging


subscription box design

A foil logo to make your custom packaging shine

Choose a matte covering with a foil logo for a luxurious custom branded box.

branded gift boxes packaging with foil logo foil logo branded box

Black and white packaging design

A classic statement piece that never gets old: black and white packaging is sophisticated and stylish.

black and white packaging

corporate gift boxes

Business on the front, party in the box

Be discrete with minimalist design outside your box and more details inside. Get in touch for a custom packaging design on the inside of your box.

influencer custom packaging


design inside branded box


Ready to start designing minimalist packaging? Try out our online box designer tool and then contact us directly for a quote or to discuss your ideas!

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