Sun 10 Jul 2022

Branded photography presentation boxes

Picture this: a bespoke, branded presentation box to deliver your beautiful photographs to your beautiful clients!

We specialise in creating snappy packaging for photographers and focus on all the details.

Packaging Works’ genuine print and USB boxes are a terrific place to start for photographers like you in these competitive times, but how can you make the most of them?

  • Use the boxes to upsell, why not provide your clients and their family the choice to purchase a box of prints as not everyone can afford to purchase an expensive album?
  • Photograph our box or your packaging beautifully, then use the images on your website and brochure. Let the method you deliver your photographs astound the clients.
  • As an anniversary gift, send the package of prints to your couples. Give them another incentive to recommend you when they stop being your customers.

Photography presentation boxes with a USB slot

Our design team understands all the elements involved with creating a practical but picturesque box for presenting photography (say that five times fast!).

Your presentation box can come complete with an insert for the USB stick, and we develop photography presentation boxes in all sizes (any size, in fact) to suit your clients’ requests.

Our presentation boxes can, for example, come in the following sizes:

  • 6×4 photography boxes
  • 7×5 photography boxes
  • 10×8 photography boxes
  • 10×12 photography boxes
  • 12×16 photography boxes

But, keep in mind that your bespoke box can come in any size, depth, colour or design you desire. On, snap!

We’re the packaging supplier of choice for most photographers because we offer a minimum order of just 30 boxes to suit all projects and budgets. You’ll also receive your packages in a flash: we aim to deliver within two weeks of any order.

Try out our online box designer tool, or get in touch with our team of packaging specialists and we will work with you to capture the perfect design for your photography presentation boxes.

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