Mon 16 Dec 2019

What are the 7 functions of packaging?

Packaging may seem like it has a simple job, but it actually has SEVEN main functions!

The first function seems kind of obvious, because it is. Protecting the product inside the packaging is essential! Imagine a product being delivered with packaging that is crushed and broken. Luckily, our bespoke packaging is made from high quality cardboard which is very tough and sturdy.

Protection of the product

The second function is like the first, stability. It’s essential that a product inside of packaging is stable – you wouldn’t want your product moving around inside your bespoke packaging, especially if the product is fragile. Thankfully, we offer packaging inserts to ensure stability and safety inside the packaging.

Stability in bespoke packaging


Promoting or selling your product on your packaging is vital, and the third packaging function. The amount of times that people share photos of fancy packaging on social media is amazing – plus, it’s free promotion. Using our fabulous box design tool, you can create your own beautiful bespoke box for your product.

Promotion through custom packaging

The fourth function of packaging is to trigger engagement with your customers. When someone sees something appealing, they’re more likely to buy it. You want consumers to see your packaging and be attracted to it, just like when you see a cute puppy! If you don’t know the best way to make your packaging attractive and engaging, take a look at our packaging inspiration.

Engaging custom packaging

Ease of transport is also important, as your product and its packaging must be easy to deliver. Your product must be able to stay intact throughout transportation, and it must be a shape can be sent in bulk, e.g. able to stack and fits to postal standards.

transporting custom designed boxes

The material of your packaging is also important. Customers often choose eco-friendly products over others, so it is important to use materials that are recyclable and sustainable. All of our bespoke boxes are made of recyclable materials.

eco friendly package

Technical or ‘smart’ packaging that uses barcodes, QR codes or hashtags is interactive for the customer. This makes it more exciting and adds a new dimension to the packaging!

interactive bespoke packaging

If you fancy using all of these functions to make some amazing packaging, get in touch with us and let’s get started!

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