Thu 29 Jul 2021

The Power of Smart Packaging

Packaging at its basic level should both protect and advertise your product, but brands are catching onto the benefits of using smart packaging to interact with their consumers.

Smart packaging uses various technologies to encourage the consumer to engage with the packaging and product. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, it could be time to smarten up your packaging solutions.

Different types of smart packaging suit different industries, so you could choose from the following:


In terms of smart packaging, this is pretty basic and you’re putting trust into the hands of your consumer. Adding your social media accounts and campaign specific hashtags to your branded boxes gives consumers a chance to find you and tag you.

Loreal Packaging


QR codes

A popular way to encourage sales and lead consumers to your site, QR codes are fun and interactive. You can use QR codes on your custom boxes to lead your consumer to almost any webpage. It’s a great way for consumers to review your products and you can easily generate a QR code using an online tool like this one.

Vagabond Wines

Spotify codes

Get your customers in the right mood to use your product with a Spotify code. When scanned, the codes lead your user to specific playlists that complement your brand – a popular medium used by musicians and artists, and we can see why!

Spotify Code

Is smart packaging right for your company?

It’s easy to get caught up in packaging trends, and whilst smart packaging may seem like just a trend, it’s undoubtably part of the future. These techniques need to be valuable to both you and your consumer and there’s a certain level of trust as your consumers need to be part of the experience, too.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple techniques – we love a challenge and can create almost any box that you can imagine.

If you want to explore smart packaging ideas as a way to connect to your audience or already have an idea, don’t hesitate to email to discuss your next project. We can help you design a campaign to transform your packaging into an interactive brand tool.

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