Fri 25 Jun 2021

Packaging inspiration for the uninspired

Thinking of ways to jazz up your packaging can be depleting, but it’s fine to admit not everyone is a creative. Scrolling the internet for packaging ideas is time consuming and you may not know if your vision is achievable.

But don’t lose faith – there are many ways to excite your consumer through your custom packaging! Take a look at some of the ideas below and see what could work for you:

Exotic shapes

Life doesn’t have to be square and neither do your bespoke boxes. Let your imagination run wild! You may be surprised at the different shapes and styles of boxes that we can create; if you can imagine it, we can probably manufacture it!

Display stand for Loreal


Don’t overdo it. Minimalist packaging can strike a chord with consumers: a simple white and black box is a classic statement piece. If you’re worried about where to add more detail, there’s plenty of space on the inside of your box.

minimalism branded packaging

Brilliant branding

You’ve probably spent hours, days and maybe weeks creating your branding. When you move to the packaging stage of production, it’s easy to forget about this completely. Use your logo and branding in your custom packaging designs – make that time spent worthwhile!

Colourful branding swatches

Cool colours

Experiment with crazy colours or just opt for a simple LBB (little black box). Colours are a simple way to connect with your consumers. If you’re creating seasonal gift boxes, research what colours are trending and stay vigilant with your competitors!

transporting bespoke packaging

Poppin’ patterns

Patterns can be funky, clever and can add a wow factor to your packaging. Popular patterns trend every year, and adding a pattern to your box is a simple but fun way to dramatize your design. You can even make patterns with your logo.

propercorn packaging


If you’ve been doing your packaging research, you’ll be exhausted from hearing the word ‘unboxing’. Creating an experience which looks good on camera for influencers and consumers is the perfect way to engage. You can do this by adding accessories, interactive elements or just a nice magnetic closure.



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