Thu 29 Apr 2021

Packaging Design: There’s nothing blue about blue boxes!

Did you know that blue is universally the most liked colour by both males and females? If you think about it, this makes it the safest colour for unisex products.

The colour blue conveys feelings of dependability, strength, honesty, and harmony – which is reflected onto your products when you choose blue packaging. The colour also provokes thoughts of nature, the sea, and the sky. One thing to consider is the shade of blue you use, as this significantly affects the message:

  • Dark blue gives a conservative, professional and serious appearance.
  • Lighter blues are softer, serene, and more relaxed.

ADRINKA London accessories

Orators of African fashion, ADRINKA London create fine accessories and ties. The company describes their products as elegant and refined. The royal blue box features a gold foil-printed logo resulting in a sophisticated, regal, and luxurious box.

Adrinka box


Blue doesn’t have to dominate the whole box to have an impact – sometimes subtly is best. Luckily, blue complements most colours. For Merwave hair products, we created a sandy brown box with a blue and white interior. The design reminds us of mermaids and the beach!

Merwave packaging

Viakal disinfectant spray

Bright, royal blues gives an appearance of power and reliability, which is why we often see this on cleaning products like Viakal disinfectant range. The relationship the colour blue has with water and cleanliness is also one of the reasons it works well for cleaning brands.

Viakal box

Califa Farms Oat Barista Blend

It doesn’t take blue sky thinking to see what Califa Farms are trying to show with their packaging. Food and beverage packaging is often blue, once again because of its relationship with nature. This box is for oat milk and vegan and vegetarian natural products.

Califa farm oat milk

TT Electronics

Another use for blue branding is for technology companies, like this box from TT Electronics. The colour blue dominates technology brands, who use blue to appear dependable. It makes sense, because this box holds tracking and monitoring kits which MUST be reliable.

TT Electronics box

Although we doubt this blog ‘blue’ your mind, we hope it stirred up some ideas for your own packaging designs. If you have any questions or would like a custom quote, email

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