Fri 6 Aug 2021

Do you know why packaging trends are changing?

Packaging has been around as long as human existence, but arguably it’s come a long way since wrapping fruit and nuts in animal skins. The demand for consumption has increased the need for packaging.

But what factors are changing packaging?

The demand for eco-friendly products

Plastic gets a lot of stick for polluting the planet, with reports about the devastating effects it can have dominating media outlets as well as UK laws. The Plastic Packaging Tax is on its way, and if you don’t know what it is, you can read the effects about it here.

Companies are beginning to cotton onto the fact that not only are customers willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, but that it is good for their brand image. The demand for eco-friendly packaging is shaping the way companies and brands are addressing their policies and products to join in with the mission to save the world.

Competitive industries and marketing

Marketing is booming with influencer society dominating almost every media platform from TV to social media. This has created a competitive market for most products, with brands fighting to be the first to discover new advertising opportunities.

In recent years, marketing has taken a new objective, one which promotes brand values and responsibilities as well as the product themselves. This goes hand in hand with the demand for eco-friendly products and transparency in marketing.

Smart products and packaging

Technology is everywhere nowadays, influencing every step of the supply chain. Today, it’s not unusual to see more intelligent labels and QR codes on packaging, encouraging consumers to shop smart.

Changes in consumer habits

Markets are changing each year and it’s important to stay on top of consumer trends and buying habits. For example, millennials enjoy experiential products, which goes with packaging too. Providing a box or gift bag with reusable factors or added interactive elements is a good way to secure this market.

If you have any questions regarding changing packaging trends, email to talk to one of our packaging experts or drop us an email to get a quote for your very own custom boxes today!

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