Mon 22 Mar 2021

Display stands – presentation boxes to hold your boxes!

Forgive us for a terrible pun, but packaging isn’t always about boxes, it’s about creating the whole package. This can be anything from bespoke boxes, custom gift bags, branded accessories AND even tailor-made display stands!

E-commerce may be booming right now, but you can guarantee when the shops reopen people will flock. Whether you’re releasing a seasonal promotion or you’re launching a new product, a custom display stand will make sure it pops off the shelves.

The countdown for the shops reopening is officially ON, so, there’s no better time to jazz up your in-store displays. Here are just a few reasons you should invest in a display stand for your products:

  • Your brand may be popular, but a display stand is a simple way to refresh your branding. It’s a way to have a bit of fun and remind your customers you still want to impress them.
  • Promotional products work well on a display stand. It’s a great way to showcase a new offer or a new product – both appear more exciting in a stand rather than just on a shelf.
  • Have you committed to a large order of branded boxes? A display stand is a great way to refresh your existing boxes, instead of ordering another large quantity of boxes with a different design.
  • If you have recently taken your marketing online, you can use your display stand to showcase new information, including specific hashtags and important information like your Instagram handle.

Packaging Works has created ALL types of display stands, including:

  • Retail display stands
  • Stands for street-marketing
  • Cosmetics display stands
  • Pharmaceutical point of display stands
  • Trade counter displays/event display stands

But, if your imagination goes beyond this, exotic shaped boxes are our forte. Let us know your ideas and we can bring them to life. Our friendly packaging experts will be there every step of the way, from concept to completion.

Are you ready to start designing your display stands? Get in touch with us via for a custom quote!

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