Fri 20 Dec 2019

Getting bulky with bespoke boxes

You often hear that buying in bulk helps you get your money’s worth in either a product or service – that’s because the phrase is completely true!

Buying your bespoke packaging in bulk will help you get a solid amount of product packaging whilst saving you money in the long term. Try out our box designer tool and get started straight away!

Bespoke cylinder packaging

Math time!

Take a look at how buying in bulk will save you a lot of money in the purchase of your luxury custom packaging:

Buying in small batches:

A box that is 8cm width x 6.5cm long x 6cm high, for 50 units would amount to £6.30 per unit, or £315.00 for 50 units.

Buying in bulk:

A box that is 8cm width x 6.5cm long x 6cm high, for 250 units would amount to £4.10 per unit, totalling £1,025.00 for 250 units.

A stack of custom product packaging

So, if you were to buy 5 small batches of 50 boxes (the same as buying 250 in bulk) the maths works out that you would be paying £550 more compared to buying in bulk. Each box is also £2.20 cheaper when buying in bulk compared to smaller batches.

Blue bespoke packaging

For your first order, we also offer a discount code off your purchase, even more money saved on your luxury bespoke packaging?. The discount code for 10% off is ‘YAY4BOXES’ – it really is that simple.

Custom shaped bespoke box

Storing your bespoke boxes may be a concern but fear not! We can store your custom packaging in our warehouse and deliver them when it suits you, so your business premises won’t be filled to the brim with your luxury bespoke packaging.

Are you ready to get bulky and buy your custom designed bespoke boxes? Get in touch and say hello!

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