Wed 20 Nov 2019

Custom packaging: is it really worth it?

You may think packaging is just to protect a product until it gets thrown out, yet it is SO much more than that. Packaging really works! ?

Custom packaging can be used as a method of promotion in itself. The use of packaging design means you have the ability to show anything you would like on your product packaging, whether your brand has a colour theme or a prominent logo.

Jaffa Cake custom packaging

A good example of self-promoting on your packaging is with subscription boxes. If your subscription boxes are fancy with detailed designs, your brand can encourage customers to share photos on social media when they receive them –  without your business having to pay a penny for the online promotion!

Custom Blu packaging

When consumers purchase a product with attractive packaging, they can repurpose it – especially when it comes with lush accessories! People may keep a nice-looking box for reasons such as storage, decoration or even to use it as a gift box.

Eco friendly bespoke boxes

Defeat the competition with luxury branded packaging. If you use custom bespoke packaging and your competitors don’t, that’s an instant advantage in the market – especially during the holiday season! Customers often form loyal relationships with successful business. Having bespoke packaging in your business could be what makes a customer love your company more than your competitors.

Puppy in custom packaging


Leave a good impression on your customer, and no impression on the environment. Become an eco-friendly business with our luxury eco-friendly boxes! Being conscious of the environment could really help your business’ reputation skyrocket, especially if you product line includes natural products.

Eco friendly bespoke packaging

It’s pretty obvious that bespoke packaging is an important investment, right? Get started today!

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our fabulous inspiration page. Make the move and start designing your own packaging on our box designer tool or contact us for a custom quote.

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