Sun 27 Jun 2021

A guide to the process of ordering custom packaging

You’ve spent days, months, weeks and potentially years creating your brand – it’s your baby. Now comes the next bit, deciding on your custom packaging.

But, where to begin? Don’t worry, our experts have created this guide to ordering custom packaging:

Researching ideas

First things first, you’ve got to do your research. If it’s scrolling through Pinterest, using a focus group, checking out competitors or visiting our inspiration page – it’s all worth it. Just like when you created your product and brand you MUST know your audience.

There are lots of initial elements to consider:

  • What shape would you like your box to be?
  • Which colours complement your logo?
  • Do you want your box to be textured? Matte or shiny?
  • What font style would you like and what text?

Think about ways to impress your consumer: do you want to add a hashtag for your social media? How about a QR code leading to your website?

Branding research

Measuring your products

Once you’ve decided on the design elements, the next step is measuring your product and size certainly does matter when it comes to creating the perfect bespoke box.

For example, if you are creating a subscription box, you need to take into consideration the size of letter boxes and so on. If your product is damageable it will need to be hugged by the box, padded out or fitted with an insert to minimise breakage. If you have any questions, our packaging experts will be there every step of the way.

Top tip: You don’t have to be square, we can design almost any shape bespoke box, so let your imagination run wild!

Budweiser Bespoke Box

Send your specifications or use our online box designer tool

Now comes the fun part: you have two choices, you can either send across your design ideas, measurements, order quantity and email address to and we will get back to you with a custom quote.

OR if you fancy having a go at designing your bespoke packaging yourself, we have a quick and easy online box designer tool where you can watch your design come to life digitally and finalise and complete your order.

You may want to add something special: bling up your packaging by adding accessories like gift bags, ribbons, tissue paper and inserts! Remember to ask during the enquiry stage!

Online Box Designer Tool

Finalise your ‘box net’.

Once you’ve spoken to the designers and are happy with your quote, we will send you across what us packaging experts call a ‘box net’. This is a proof or blueprint of your design, and after this is signed off, we can get your packaging to print!

seat box net

Receiving your boxes

If you’re based in mainland UK, we offer free delivery on all orders and a turnaround of two weeks, so you can get your products out as soon as possible. All that’s left to do is to pack up your products and send them out!



Ready to get going? Email one of our packaging experts at to start your packaging journey!

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