Fri 16 Apr 2021

5 marketing techniques you must consider when designing your packaging!

Brands are starting to cotton on to the fact that marketing and packaging work hand in hand. Combining the two can open up sales opportunities as well as reaffirm customer loyalty.

Packaging is not just there to protect your products, and marketing isn’t just about promoting your business. Your packaging is the only marketing channel that every single one of your customers will see, and that’s why it’s important.

Share consumer experiences!

Brands put a lot of time and effort into packaging but after a couple of professional photoshoots, may neglect to follow up on creating interesting content. Adding information like hashtags or your social media handles on your packaging allows consumers to tag you in photos!

The content you’re tagged in can then be shared across your social media and can be used in advertising campaigns. Content from ‘real’ people adds an authentic feel to your products and marketing.

Instagram draft

Join the eco-friendly hype

You’re living in the dark ages if you don’t understand the benefits of going green. Statistics show that consumers are actually willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Whilst you might find it difficult to make your products completely sustainable, packaging is a good place to start. We offer a range of eco-friendly printing and packaging solutions for those willing to try.


Get creative

Content and creativity complement each other. If your packaging design is boring, are your consumers really going to post pictures of it? Depending on your audience and industry, be as inventive as you can.

Why not add an interactive feature to your packaging? One of our favourite examples is this Colgate box, featuring an insert holding chocolate lips, and a hammer to break the lips, revealing the toothpaste underneath.

Colgate Interactive Packaging

Don’t miss out on the chance to sell

There’s nothing sweet about being pushy, but remember you are a business after all. Adding QR codes which lead to your website is a subtle way to encourage your consumer to purchase. You could go one step further and add leaflets with discount codes, which can make a consumer feel appreciated as it appears as though this is just for them.

Vagabond Wines

Manufacture the perfect customer experience!

Everything is a competition nowadays so it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure your consumer recommends you. Packaging is the first impression you can physically make when you’re ordering online.

If the unboxing experience is positive, it’s highly likely your consumer will enjoy the rest of their experience. Take care and add extras like inserts to protect your product, custom ribbons, and tissue paper to embellish your packaging to show you’ve thought about every detail.

makers mark

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re thinking of revamping your packaging, email with your design ideas and size specifications and we’ll get back swiftly with a quote.

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