Tue 21 Sep 2021

5 fantastic examples of promotional drinks packaging!

In British culture, it’s well known that people enjoy a drink. Indulging with your favourite tipple at the end of a week is an activity many of us embrace. Trying out new drinks, however, doesn’t happen too often.

Promotional drinks offers and packaging are great ways to engage new customers and to convince old customers they have something to toast to! Here are some of our favourites from over the years:

Seasonal promotions are a popular way to engage with your audience, but many businesses miss out on Halloween. However, this spooktacular special from Budweiser proved a success across the UK. 

Each box contained various Halloween masks and of course, their signature red bottle of beer. The box was designed to unfold in a jack-in-the-box surprise fashion – we LOVE it.Halloween Boxes

When it comes to breweries, many stick to classic and simple designs, but for Open Gate Brewery’s beer launch, they opted for a bright, boujee, bespoke box. The funky patterned box showcased three of their new beers and what differentiated them from the next: which would you prefer – zingy, juicy, or fruity? 

Open Gate Brewery Bespoke Box

If there’s one way to get a new customer on board, it’s a freebie. Roku Gin sent promotional packs to bars showcasing tools for making the best gin and tonic. The foam insert protected the products from damage and presented the equipment in an inviting way.

Roku Gin Bespoke Box

Sometimes the simplest of designs or creations is the most sophisticated. If you’re familiar with whisky, you’ll know there’s many ways to drink it. Macallen released a spherical ice ball mould, designed to simply keep your drink cold for longer, and complemented it with a white gift bag.

Macallen bespoke gift bag

Would you like to create packaging your consumers can say cheers to? We have years of experience specialising in promotional drinks packaging. Contact us today for a custom quote for your packaging.

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